Implementing semiconductor technology to improve human life and society

Microingress Ltd works to implement new micro- and nanotechnology for improving human life and society. We are actively working with cooperation partners to fund, start and establish new businesses as well as exploring technologies. This includes a range of different areas from portable or stationary devices with environmental sensors, to energy conversion and power efficiency.

Microingress is committed to help improvement in environmental sciences and to implement technology that helps in reducing emissions and power consumption. We believe that the use of compound semiconductors is a necessary foundation to achieve these goals, and that they cannot be reached without the use of such materials. In combination with direct band gap materials, the quantum realm gives an almost unlimited number of possibilities for engineering materials and their interaction with the macroscopic world. It is in this cutting edge research area that we aim to make a difference.

We believe that the next revolution is going to be through a combination of improved transistor technology, higher computational speeds and by how devices interact and collect information from the world around them. Sensing gas, chemicals, biochemistry, temperature, acceleration or proximity of other materials/objects are not only needed for the well functioning of tomorrow's devices, its a requirement for any AI based application to work well. Microingress is therefore actively pursuing such opportunities, and we want to help with the technological integration were these solutions intersect with established markets.

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